Sunday, 15 October 2017

Brexit Negotiations

    I find stressful, and begin to resent, the shilly-shallying on the Brexit negotiations.   
    Here is a simplifying suggestion.  Britain has offered to honour commitments made during membership.  Barnier wants to know how much that is.  Why not everything that we were paying before the brexit referendum? But during the transition period, we receive all the benefits that we received as a full member before the referendum. (No more closed-door stuff.)
    At least we know how much that was, and that we can afford it; and we know that it is regarded as value for money by 48% of Britons.  
    During the transition period we enter no new commitments, and we pull out, one by one, from the costs and the privileges of membership. The transition ends when the negotiations end. They might take decades.
    Yours sincerely, Ian West
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