Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lost warriors of the 'Islamic State'

Lost warriors of the 'Islamic State'
The young warriors who have gathered in the desert to proclaim an
Islamic State, a Caliphate, seem to have got lost. They seem to have
turned away from Allah and the teachings of Muhammad.
Is not Allah Merciful? [Al-Qur'an 4:25; "And Allah is Oft-Forgiving,
Most Merciful."][Al-Qur'an 5:74; "..And Allah is Forgiving and
Is not Allah Just? [Al-Qur'an 4:40; "Allah is never unjust in the
least degree".]
It therefore seems that the warriors of the so-called Islamic state
have turned away from Islam towards injustice and brutality.
If they die they will not die as martyrs. It does seem that their
victims are nearer to heaven than they.
If any warrior wishes to experience the Mercy of Allah it would be
well for him to seek out an Imam and beg him to teach them the way.
Cawstein, Morpeth

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