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Dear Jason,

You have been very helpful. However, I shall still warn everyone I
know to beware of "Amazon Prime". I found a page on your website which
said "click this button to begin a 30 day free trial". It DID NOT say
that I would automatically upgrade to a paying member after 30 days.
And in any case I DID NOT PRESS that button. Furthermore, I looked at
all three emails from Amazon sent on 13th Jan and NONE of them say
anything about Amazon Prime, let alone automatic conversion to full
Fee Paying Membership after 30 days.

I may well have opted for "1 day delivery and free 30 day trial of
Amazon Prime", thinking that it was indeed 'Free'. (How naif can you
get!). But as you rightly observe I do not know what Amazon Prime is
and certainly did not wish to join that. The 30 day period was,
however, very educational; I know I want nothing to do with Amazon
Prime; and I did not know that before.

Unfortunately I have stopped that Credit Card. Not, I should say,
because of the erroneous £49.00 charge, for I had stopped the card for
another fraud before I noticed this entry. I think TSB should manage
to credit my account, but there may be some problem.

You have been very helpful. If you are this helpful to all customers I
think this 'Amazon Prime' idea must count as one of Amazon's few

Best wishes, Ian West
Ian West
12 Longhirst Village,
Tel: 01670 791880

On 24 Feb 2014, at 17:25, wrote:

Your Account
Message From Customer Service
Hello Ian,

This is Jason from Amazon Customer Services,

Further to our conversation I've checked your account and found that
the charge of GBP 49.00 relates to Amazon Prime. When you placed an
order on the 13 January 2014, you chose the following delivery option:
"One-Day Delivery with a free trial of Amazon Prime (1 business day)".

While you weren't charged at sign-up, your membership is upgraded to a
paid membership plan for your own convenience once the trial period

As you didn't cancel your membership once the trial period ended, our
system automatically charged you the annual subscription fee for
Amazon Prime, GBP 49.00.

However, our records indicate that you haven't used your Amazon Prime
membership, so it doesn't seem that the Amazon Prime service is
something you'd benefit from.

I've now cancelled your Amazon Prime membership and requested a refund
of GBP 49.00 for the membership fee.

Refunds usually go through in 2 to 3 business days so you should see
this credited to your account on your next statement. Please note,
this does not include your bank's processing time.

Cancelling your Prime membership means that you'll lose your Prime
benefits. Any new or pending orders may be subject to delivery costs.
Cancelling your membership will also cancel the membership benefits of
any invited household members. You will also lose access to Kindle
Owners Lending Library.

For more information about Amazon Prime, including the Terms &
Conditions, please visit our Help pages at:

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest regards,
Jason S
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